"Fermentation," "Jeff," and "2017, As I Remember It"

"Nesting Doll"

Summer 2019

via Rust + Moth, in print and online.


"There is something terribly fitting about / eating loss when you are able to. / I have not always been able to."

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"/näˈstaljə, nəˈstaljə/"

Autumn 2018

via Up The Staircase Quarterly, online only.

"i have a dream and you're there, but / barely."

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September 2017

previously in print, currently ebook only. Self-published chapbook.


"you gave color to this grayscale of grief."

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"phoenix" and "the five nights of winter"

October 2022

via Anti-Heroin Chic, online only.


"Like a good daughter, I remember everything."

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Spring 2017

via Germ Magazine, online only.


"I don't want my skin to know you anymore."

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Horoscopes, Essays, & Poems


via Thought Catalog, online only.

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